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Kayaking & Canoeing Resources
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paddling.net  Paddling.net offers product reviews,
associations, directories, buyers guides,
places2paddle, weekly articles, photography and
message boards.
oldtowncanoe.com  Old Town canoes are built on the
same cedar forms, now more than 100 years old, and
with traditions and craftsmanship passed on from
father to son in their plant where generations of family
members have worked.
kayakmagazine.com  On-line kayaking magazine with
articles, news, store, calender, links, and more.
americanwhitewater.org  American Whitewater
restores rivers dewatered by hydropower dams,
eliminates water degradation, improves public land
management and protects public access to rivers for
responsible recreational use.
acanet.org The American Canoe Association is a
canoeing, kayaking, and rafting organization for
promoting paddlesports and river conservation....
dedicated to helping people enjoy the outdoors using
kayaks, canoes, and rafts since 1880.

On-line kayaking magazine

Paddler Magazine
On-line kayaking magazine
paddlermagazine.com  Kayaks, canoes, bulletin
boards, give-aways, contests, calender, blogs, and
paddlesportsinfo.com  Comprehensive resource for
seakayaking, whitewater kayaking, canoeing and
rafting...for finding outfitters, retailers, manufacturers or
instructional centers.
retailers, liveries, outfitters, manufacturers and
retailers, liveries, outfitters, manufacturers and
kayakonline.com  Quick and easy way to find kayaking
info about many topics, from hardshell and inflatable
kayaks to paddles, gear, and more.
wcha.org  The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association
is a non-profit organization devoted to preserving,
studying, building, restoring and using wood canoes.
unicornkayaks.com  We offer skin on frame kayaks as
well as quick build kits and kayak building workshops.
atlantickayaktours.com  is a very large and highly
experienced kayak company in the New York tri-state
area, specializing on the Hudson River Valley. They
offer 75 different kayak tours and British Canoe Union
instructional programs from New Jersey to Cape Cod.
Star kayak instruction is offered at Annsville Creek.
bellcanoe.com  Operating out of Minnesota, Bell
Canoe Works offers sleek and seaworthy designs
suited for a wide range of activity...from lightweight
backcountry travel on lazy rivers to whitewater, surfing,
and play to traditional time-honored classics...built in
lengths from 12' to 18'6".
Maritime Attorney Tim Akpinar is located in New York City near Long Island Sound, but is
available for legal assistance on kayaking law and canoeing law to individual paddlers,
boathouses, rowing clubs, paddling clubs, kayak club, canoe clubs, organizations and
partnerships throughout Long Island, New York Harbor, its rivers and creeks and canals,
Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, Westchester, Queens, LIC (Long Island City), the East
River, Hudson River, Raritan, Gowanus, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Upstate New York,
Delaware and other waters of the United States.
Navigable Waters or Non-Navigable Waters... it seems this
distinction has the potential to impact upon kayaks and
canoes more than other vessels or watercraft. If it isn't clear
if a body of water is navigable or not, the Coast Guard or
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers could provide information.

The Army Corps of Engineers operates out of the following

State - District
Alaska - Alaska
Alabama - Mobile
Arizona - Sacramento, Los Angeles
Arkansas - Little Rock, Memphis, Vicksburg, Tulsa
California - San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles
Colorado - Omaha, Sacramento, Albuquerque, Kansas City
Connecticut - New England
Delaware - Philadelphia, Baltimore
District of Columbia - Baltimore
Florida - Jacksonville, Mobile
Georgia - Savannah, Jacksonville, Mobile
Hawaii - Honolulu
Illinois - Chicago, St. Louis, Rock Island, Louisville,
Indiana - Chicago, Detroit, Louisville
Iowa - Kansas City, Omaha, Rock Island, St. Paul
Kansas - Kansas City, Tulsa
Kentucky - Louisville, Huntington, Nashville, Memphis
Louisiana - New Orleans, Vicksburg
Maine - New England
Maryland - Baltimore, Pittsburgh
Massachusetts - New England,  New York
Michigan - Detroit, Louisville
Minnesota - St. Paul, Omaha, Detroit
Mississippi - Vicksburg, Mobile, Nashville, Memphis
Missouri - Tulsa, Kansas City, Little Rock, Memphis, Island,
St. Louis, Omaha
Montana - Seattle, Kansas City
Nebraska, Omaha, Kansas City
Nevada - Sacramento, Los Angeles
New Hampshire - New England
New Jersey - New York, Philadelphia
Continuation of the list of regions served by the state
offices of the A.C.E. The Army Corps of Engineers operates
out of the following districts:

State - District
New York - New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Buffalo,
New Mexico - Albuquerque
North Carolina - Wilmington, Norfolk, Huntington, Nashville
North Dakota - Omaha, St. Paul
Ohio - Buffalo, Huntington, Pittsburgh, Louisville
Oklahoma - Tulsa
Oregon - Portland
Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Buffalo
Rhode Island - New England
South Carolina - Charleston
South Dakota - Omaha, St. Paul
Tennessee - Memphis, Nashville
Texas - Ft. Worth, Galveston, Albuquerque, Tulsa
Utah - Sacramento, Los Angeles
Vermont - New England, New York
Virginia - Baltimore, Norfolk, Wilmington, Huntington,
Washington - Seattle, Walla Walla, Portland
West Virginia - Huntington, Pittsburgh, Baltimore
Wisconson - St. Paul, Rock Island, Detroit
Wyoming - Walla Walla, Omaha, Sacramento

Canoes and kayaks are truly unique among pleasure boats. Other than a racing shell, I can't
think of a vessel with finer lines. In terms of purity, what more can you say about a vessel
whose motive power comes from the muscle of its crew. As for being environmentally friendly,
it's hard to think of a boat that embraces the earth with greater sincerity.

But from a maritime law standpoint, there's something else unique about canoes and kayaks.
Canoes and kayaks are comfortable on both navigable waters and non-navigable waters. The
same kayaker who pokes around the "navigable waters" of a deep water harbor among ocean
going tugs can easily take her kayak two hundred miles into the mountains to the
"non-navigable waters" of a glassy millpond, surrounded by lily pads and algae slicks.

The definition(s) of navigable navigable waters can seem confusing, but in a broad sense,
"navigable waters" are waters that can be used for commercial transportation. The combination
of being on navigable waters with involvement in "traditional maritime activity" results in kayaks
and canoes coming under admiralty jurisdiction. "Traditional maritime activity" includes boating,
kayaking, canoeing, and other activities on the water. It's funny to think of such a small vessel
being subjected to the same laws as a supertanker. What does this mean? The section on
recreational boating, together with an article from Windcheck magazine discusses this issue in
more detail (click the "back" button to return here)

In the maritime law links of this site, you can see a few court decisions that give an indication of
what factors are considered in the application of maritime law to an injury case resulting from
kayaking or canoeing. The cases are not "paddling specific"...they deal with boating in general.
However, as kayaks and canoes are considered vessels, general boating law applies to them.

It is an unfortunate and sad statistic that kayak and canoe related fatalities increased from 2003
to 2004. This point is raised in the
Coast Guard's
Pleasure Boat Accident Statistics. In analyzing their data, the Coast Guard
discusses various factors that contribute to boating, kayaking and canoeing accidents. To read
a little more about the legal issues that come into play in a kayaking or canoing accident, go to
Boating Accident Legal Issues.

© Tim Akpinar 2006
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