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Death on the High Seas Act
U.S. Code - Title 46
Jones Act  This is an internal link with the text of the
Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (Jones Act), from Title 46
of the U.S. Code. This is an internal link bringing you
to a page within this website. It is not an external
website or webpage for the U.S. Code.

Jones Act
Merchant Marine Act of 1920
Death on the High Seas Act  This is an internal link
with the text of the Death on the High Seas Act, from
Title 46 of the U.S. Code. This is an internal link
bringing you to a page within this website. It is not an
external website or webpage for the U.S. Code.
The London Maritime Arbitrators Association  is an
association of practicing maritime arbitrators founded
in 1960. In 2004, they received almost 2750 new
arbitration appointments and published more than
400 awards. Other than Lloyd's Open Form salvage
claims, cases are heard under the Arbitration Act of
1996. The LMAA also offers Small Claims Procedure,
Fast and Low Cost Arbitration, and Mediation Services.
Maritime Law and Commercial Fishing  This is an
internal link with the text of an article from the May
2005 Commercial Fisheries News. The article
outlines legal rights of commercial fishermen injured
in the course of their employment. It explains
negligence, unseaworthiness, the Jones Act, and
seaman status. Many of the issues raised in the
article apply to other commercial mariners as well,
including deep water merchant seamen as well as
inland, brown water commercial seamen.
Links foLinks to sites that can be
helpful to ocean going merchant
marine seamen, commercial
fishermen, tugboat and brown
water towboat crews, commercial
divers, paid yacht crews and more
This information is offered to be useful for water taxi crews, party boat crews, marine
employees classified as Jones Act seamen, persons injured in recreational boating
accidents or injured at sea in the service of a commercial vessel.
Important reading for all mariners...Tim covers the new
incident reporting regs. Until January 2006, the
categories of reportable incidents were (1.) death of an
individual, (2.) serious injury to an individual, (3.)
material loss of property, (4.) material damage
affecting the seaworthiness of a vessel.
Significant that
needs to be reported as a marine casualty. Read the
click here. To go to the website for Workboat
magazine, click links on the main menu bar and click
commercial links...Workboat is at the top of the page.
What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a cancer associated with exposure to asbestos. Along with asbestosis and
lung cancer, it is one of the known respiratory hazards of employment in industries that utilized
asbestos containing materials. Maritime jobs that had the possibility of exposing one to
asbestos traditionally included shipyard workers, ship breaking workers, seagoing marine
engineers, firemen, watertenders, oilers, wipers and engine room utilitymen. However, ships
built in the United States today should no longer incorporate asbestos containing materials for
insulation and use in valve and pump packings. It is noteworthy that some of these very
positions have disappeared from the inventory of shipboard maritime jobs due to the lack of
appeal steam turbine propulsion holds for shipowners. Job titles such firemen or watertender
were for positions that don’t really have an equivalent with a diesel plant.

Seagoing maritime jobs that could have the potential for asbestos exposure tend to be on older
vessels. For instance, vessels such as ex-Army bow tugs and ships built in the 50’s, 60’s or 70’
s could have environmental and occupational safety and health issues to resolve, such as
asbestos removal and PCB removal. Despite the substitution of alternative materials for
asbestos insulation and valve packing, workers engaged in shipbreaking, ship repair and
demolition still have a chance of asbestos exposure within the course of their jobs. There have
been well-known lawsuits and class action lawsuits for mesothelioma and asbestosis brought
by shipyard workers, insulation industry workers and power house workers who had been
exposed to these harmful fibers.
Click for more Maritime Law Links about important cases for seamen's injuries, liability in a
collision, liability in an accident, limitation of liability and more.
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