April 14, 2015

Two Cruise Ships Are Recently Hit With Norovirus injuries. The
Center for Disease Control is investigating two outbreaks of
illness on cruise ships where passengers suffered injury in the
form of gastrointestinal symptoms. One involved the RCCL
Legend of the Seas and the other involved Celebrity Infinity.
Another, involving about 100 people, occurred on the Celebrity

According RCCL, the CDC reported 114 passengers and 2 crew
members were affected by the sickness. Symptoms in these
outbreaks include vomiting and diarrhea. The cruise line is taking
measures that include increasing cleaning and disinfection

The mission of the Vessel Sanitation Program is to prevent and
control the introduction, transmission, and spread of
gastrointestinal illnesses on cruise ships. This takes place under
the legal authority of the Public Health Service Act under U.S. law
- 42 U.S. Code § 264 - Quarantine and Inspection Regulations to
Control Communicable Diseases. The CDC has legal jurisdiction
over cruise ships that carry 13 or more passengers and have a
foreign itinerary with U.S. ports. (CDC)  
Read more about
shipboard illness at their website.

In terms of importance, cruise ship illnesses are not regarded
with the same level of concern as accidents resulting in tangible
injuries such as sprains, strains, broken bones, concussions,
and other physical manifestations of trauma. However, they are a
common occurrence on cruise ships regardless of size. In all
fairness to the industry, it can be difficult to ensure ideal
sanitation on a vessel carrying three or four thousand
passengers and crew. Although shipboard safety measures can
control common sources of accidents such as spills,
accidentally closing doors, fire, and collision, it is more difficult to
enforce the personal hygiene practices practiced by thousands
of individuals in the confines of a 100,000 ton vessel.

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