August 28, 2014

Boating Safety and the Prevention of Pleasure Boat Accidents

Safe boating and the prevention of boating accidents was a
top priority for the U.S. Coast Guard’s Eighth District Office,
which provided safety tips aimed at making sure everyone
enjoys their day on the water safely and without injuries. One
of the realities of being on the water today is that there are
more boaters on the water. The increase in recreational boat
traffic introduces safety concerns.

The Eighth District would like pleasure boaters to include the
following equipment in their inventory:
Life jackets
Noise making device (i.e., horn)
Visual distress signals (flares)
Fire extinguisher

The District also provided a reminder that the leading
contributing factor in boating accidents (also see
What to do in
a Boating Accident) are alcohol consumption, not wearing life
jackets, and not having proper safety equipment.

In summary, the Coast Guard leaves boaters with the following

- Do not operate a boat under the influence.
- Always wear life jackets. As a reminder, children under 13
years old must wear life jackets at all times.
- Have VHF-FM marine radio on board. In an emergency, use
VHF-FM 16 to reach the Coast Guard.
- It is also prudent to have a Vessel Safety Check. These are
offered by the Coast Guard Auxiliary and they’re free. See

More more information, see

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