The Center for Disease
Control points out that
traveling on cruise ships
exposes people to new
environments and high
volumes of people,
including other travelers
and that although an
infrequent occurrence,
such exposure creates
the risk for illness,
either from
contaminated food,
water or more
commonly through
person to person

The Center for Disease
Control recommends
that cruise ship
passengers do the
following to prevent the
spread of illness. They
recommend that cruise
ship passengers wash
their hands before and
after eating, smoking,
wash their hands after
touching their faces, or
going to the bathroom,
and wash their hands
when they are dirty.

The CDC recommends
leaving the area if you
see someone get sick
(vomiting or diarrhea)
and reporting such
incidents to the cruise
staff, if not already
notified. The CDC also
points out that you can
become sick if you
ingest contaminated
particles that travel
through the air. They
recommend taking care
of yourself, which
includes getting plenty
of rest and drinking lots
of water. The point out
that resting helps
rebuild your immune
system. Drinking water
helps prevents
dehydration. The CDC
asks that we be
considerate of other
people’s health. If you’re
ill before taking a cruise,
call the cruise line to
determine if there are
alternative cruising

Source - Center for
Disease Control  www.
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Cruise Ship Illness and Disease
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The Carnival Cruise Line's ship Carnival Magic returned
infection by which has given way to heightened
vigilance in the area of shipboard sanitation and
hygiene. See
Maritime Law News.
You can learn more
about viral outbreaks
aboard ships by
visiting the website for
the Center for Disease
Control at http://www. On this
website, you learn if a
particlur cruise ship
has had an outbreak.
See “Vessel Sanitation
Program”. The Vessel
Sanitation Program
was created to help the
cruise industry control
and prevent the spread
of gastrointestinal
illnesses aboard cruise
ships. It enables
monitoring a ship if
there has been an
outbreak. Learn more
about CDC’s Vessel
Sanitation Program by
visiting their site.