What should I do if I’m
injured on a cruise
should you do if you are
injured on a cruise ship?
Most passengers
embarking on a cruise
don’t think about that
question….and for
obvious reasons.
Passengers going on a
cruise vacation normally
think about more pleasant
things, like a ship’s
destination ports, fun
activities for the kids,
making sure to pack
sunscreen, camera
batteries, etc. Passengers
think about cruise ship
food and exotic tropical
drinks….they wonder if
they should bring along
bottled water when going
ashore. A passenger
might not give much
thought to emergency
protocol in a shipboard
accident. It’s normal to
imagine that ship’s
officers and crew are
there to take care of that
emergency if it should
arise. Passengers don’t
usually think in terms of,
“What are the things you
should do if you are
injured on a cruise ship?”

However, it’s good to
know what to do in a
cruise ship accident
because if something
happens, the steps a
passenger takes aboard
the vessel can preserve
and protect his or her
legal rights afterwards. If
you have an accident on a
cruise ship, here is what
you should do…

▪ The first thing you
should do is determine if
you need first aid or other
medical attention. This
should be your first
priority. If a companion is
with you, ask them to
summon an immediate
first aid response from a
qualified member of the
ship’s crew.

▪ After your primary first-
aid and medical needs
have been met, report the
accident and your injuries
to the cruise ship’s
security officer or safety
officer. Sit down with the
security officer and
provide information about
the accident, and request
a copy of the report once
it is completed. A well
drafted report should
document the particulars
of the accident…date,
time, location, what
happed, description of
injuries, how the accident
happened, how the
injuries arose, who was
present, etc.

▪ Take down names of
witnesses and their
contact information. Try
to include a home
address or post office
box, telephone and e-mail.

▪ Take photographs of
your injuries. If there are
lacerations, punctures,
stitches, contusions,
swollen ankles or wrists,
photograph them…or ask
a friend to do so.

▪ Take photographs of the
location of the accident. If
necessary, make a sketch
of the passageway,
stairway, poolside, or
other location. Note if
there are signs…or if
there are no signs. This
includes “do not enter”,
“do not exit”, or “warning
- automatic doors” signs.
Note the presence or
absence of handrails, non-
skid surfaces or other
physical characteristics of
the scene of the accident.

▪ If necessary, arrange for
follow-up medical care
after you leave the cruise
What Should I Do If I'm Injured on a Cruise Ship
What to do in a Cruise Ship Accident - Legal Help - What to do in a Cruise Ship Injury - Accident Legal Information
No one goes on a cruise
planning to have an
accident. However if an
accident does occur,
taking these measures
will protect your legal
rights as a passenger.
Good luck and have a
safe trip.
Injuries that arise aboard cruise ships are
not always of the physical trauma type.
There have been incidents on cruise ships
involving viruses, illness and food
poisoning. The Center for Disease Control
provides some recommendations for
prevention on this subject. Click
Ship Illness and Disease to see some of
this advice.
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Although cruise ships are a common venue
for accidents, they are also a place where
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