February 28, 2015

Coast Guard Responds to Boating Accident

U.S.C.G. crews from Fort Lauderdale rescued four people after a
boating accident, with a fifth person retrieved by the Marine Unit
of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. The boat capsized about a
mile east of Port Everglades Inlet.

In the wake of the accident, the Coast Guard reminds boaters to
take precautions for a safe trip. Although equipment is one
contributing factor in boating accidents, with others being
alcohol influence, operator error, operator inexperience,
overloading, failure to comply with navigational rules (collision
regs, or traditionally known as rules of the road), etc., it is an
area worth giving a few moments to with a vessel safety and
emergency equipment checklist. They also emphasize the
importance of marine radios, pointing out that cell phones could
lose service as a vessel gets farther from shore.

Other safety equipment that should be checked includes:

Life Jackets - covered in 33 Code of Federal Regulations 175

Visual Distress Signals - covered in 33 Code of Federal
Regulations 175.101

Fire Extinguishers - covered in 46 Code of Federal Regulations 25

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