stranded on the Danube River due to flooding
caused by torrential rain. The cruise ship sailed
from Vienna when swelling waters caused shipping
to be stopped. The 120 passengers aboard the
vessel had been stranded for about a week. The
passengers, who were mostly pensioners, were
taken ashore over a pontoon bridge constructed by
divers. The cruise ship was secured to a pontoon
until rescue operations were commenced. While the
marooned vessel was accessible by small dinghies,
that would have been a dangerous means of
disembarking the elderly passengers. In an incident
earlier this year, the
cruise ship Carnival Triumph
was stranded in the Gulf of Mexico in February after
a fire in the engine room resulted in a loss of power
and other utilities. That accident resulted in
passengers moving to file for class action status for
bringing a lawsuit against the cruise line in federal
court in Florida. Read more about the stranded
British cruise ship at the

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