November 14, 2014

Carnival Magic cruise ship worker negative for Ebola

Aboard the cruise ship Carnival Magic, it was announced
through the public address system that a shipboard lab
supervisor was “not deemed to be a risk to any guests or
crew.” This came after the employee had been monitored for
signs of Ebola aboard the Carnival Cruise Lines vessel. Within
the cruise industry, Ebola has been a major concern. Since the
outbreak of the virus, there have been shipboard quarantines
in the maritime industry. The worker involved in this incident
had been voluntarily isolated, while other passengers aboard
the Dream-class cruise ship were free to move about with no
restrictions. However, authorities in Cozumel, Mexico denied
clearance for the 128,000 ton vessel to dock. Also Belize
officials did not grant permission for the health care worker
and her husband to disembark, although they did to other
guests and crew members. Source: USA Today - Cruise ship
returns to Texas; passenger negative for Ebola -

In the realm of cruise ship accidents and casualties, industry
attorneys often bring attention to cases involving injuries of a
very apparent and tangible nature, such as fractures, tears, or
sprains from slipping and falling, being hurt by automatic
closing doors, objects falling from upper decks, assault from
other passengers, being run over by scooters or carts, or
suffering first or second degree burns. These same lawyers
and their law firms may cite food poisoning incidents involving
flu-like symptoms of norovirus and other outbreaks addressed
in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Vessel
Sanitation Program. However, given the situation of putting
4,000 passengers and crew and embarking and offloading
people en masse in foreign ports, it shows that shipboard
hygiene and disinfection measures may become a more
closely scrutinized aspect of standard operating procedures
in the maritime industry.

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