Cruise ship injuries for mind
slip and fall cases, assault
cases by drunk cruise
passengers, or an injury on
shore during an excursion
arranged by contractors or
agents of the cruise line.
Although virus and other
diseases leading to quarantine
of a cruise ship are not as
common, they do happen.

Costa Smeralda, operated by
Costa Cruises, a subsidiary of
Carnival Cruise Line was
quarantined at Civitavecchia, a
port situated on the West
Coast of Italy north of Rome.
Passengers aboard the
185,000 ton Excellence-class
cruise ship were quarantined
after two cases of coronavirus
were suspected.

From the standpoint of
maritime law,
passengers who
are injured on cruise ships as
a result of food poisoning,
viral infection, or other form of
contamination face daunting
legal challenges in bringing
legal action in federal district

Unlike other forms of cruise
ship injuries, the challenges in
these types of lawsuits is that
the damages are not often
permanent in nature. From the
element of compensatory
damages and pain and
suffering, they are unlike
findings of partial or
permanent disability resulting
from slip and fall accidents
that impact tendons,
ligaments, and cause nerve
damage. However, bringing
lawsuits from damages for
gastrointestinal-type cases for
cruise ship passengers still
face the same legal hurdles in
terms of short statutes of
limitations imposed by cruise
lines and short notice of claim
requirements that appear in
fine-print on the back of cruise
ship tickets.

Read more about the
coronavirus quaratine at
Global Fears Spread Over
Coronavirus, CNN.

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