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A Second Page of Marine Employment - Maritime Job Links
Maritime Employment Information - Government Vessels, Tugboats, Towboats, Ferries, Tour Boats
Military Sealift Command  This website posts
civilian seagoing positions with MSC, serving
aboard vessels that provide fuel, provisions,
and other support duties to U.S. Naval Vessels
at sea. See the third item on their menu bar.
Please be aware that this link takes you to a
third part government site and that the
resources you see are a page of the website of
the Military Sealift Command that posts civilian
jobs. It is not a resource of this website nor is it
affiliated with this website.
Additional links to resources for marine employment, maritime jobs, and information
related to jobs with government agencies, municipalities, research vessels, tugs,
ferries, tour boats. Contact information for tugboat and towboat companies, marine
transportation companies and other employers and job positions within the maritime
industry, shoreside and on commercial vessels.
As pointed out on the previous page...   
job seekers should be aware that jobs related to yachts and cruise lines may not be
U.S. jobs...the vessels may be registered under the flag of another nation, and as such
may not be subject to laws under the U.S. Dept of Labor or OSHA.
Military Sealift Command
Civilian Mariner Jobs
ALABAMA - Montgomery, AL - (334) 242-8859
ALASKA - Juneau, AK - (907) 465-4518
ARIZONA - Phoenix, AZ - (602) 542-3871
ARKANSAS - Little Rock, AR - (501) 682-4500
CALIFORNIA - Sacramento, CA - (916) 262-2160
COLORADO - Denver, CO - (303) 318-8898
CONNECTICUT - Wethersfield, CT - (860) 263-6255
DELAWARE - Wilmington, DE - (302) 761-8052
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - (202) 671-1633
FLORIDA - Tallahassee, FL - (850) 488-1048
GEORGIA - Atlanta, GA - (404) 232-3875
GUAM - Tamuning, GU - (671) 475-7062
HAWAII - Honolulu, HI - (808) 586-8996
IDAHO - Boise, ID - (800) 772-2553
ILLINOIS - Chicago, IL - (312) 793-2316
INDIANA - Indianapolis, IN - (317) 232-7460
IOWA - Des Moines, IA - (515) 281-0255
KANSAS - Topeka, KS - (785) 296-5058
KENTUCKY - Frankfort, KY - (502) 564-7976
LOUISIANA - Baton Rouge, LA - (225) 342-3141
MAINE - Augusta, ME - (207) 287-2271
MARYLAND - Baltimore, MD - (410) 767-2250
MASSACHUSETTS - Boston, MA - (617) 626-6556
MICHIGAN - Detroit, MI - (313) 456-3090
MINNESOTA - St. Paul, MN - (651) 282-2714
MISSISSIPPI - Jackson, MS - (601) 321-6261
MISSOURI - Jefferson City, MO - (573) 751-3609
MONTANA - Helena, MT - (406) 444-2430
NEBRASKA - Lincoln, NE - (402) 471-9964
NEVADA - Carson City, NV - (775) 684-0387
NEW HAMPSHIRE - Concord, NH - (603) 228-4123
NEW JERSEY - Trenton, NJ 08625 - (609) 292-0099
NEW MEXICO - Albuquerque, NM - (505) 222-4683
NEW YORK - Albany, NY - (518) 457-6369
NORTH CAROLINA - Raleigh, NC - (919) 733-2936
NORTH DAKOTA - Bismarck, ND - (701) 328-2868
OHIO - Columbus, OH - (614) 752-9494
OKLAHOMA - Oklahoma City, OK - (405) 557-7265
OREGON - Salem, OR - (503) 947-1212
PENNSYLVANIA - Harrisburg, PA - (717) 787-3266
PUERTO RICO Hato Rey, PR - (787) 754-5340
RHODE ISLAND - Cranston, RI - (401) 462-8767
SOUTH CAROLINA - Columbia, SC - (803) 737-2660
SOUTH DAKOTA - Aberdeen, SD - (605) 626-2314
TENNESSEE - Nashville, TN - (615) 741-2284
TEXAS - Austin, TX - (512) 491-4802
UTAH - Salt Lake City, UT - (801) 526-9401
VERMONT - Montpelier, VT - (802) 828-4153
VIRGIN ISLANDS - Charlotte Amalie, VI - (340)
VIRGINIA - Richmond, VA - (804) 786-7496
WASHINGTON - Lacey, WA - (360) 438-4804
WEST VIRGINIA - Charleston, WV - (304) 558-2660
WISCONSIN - Madison, WI - (608) 267-2393
WYOMING - Casper, WY - (307) 473-3807
U.S. Department of Labor - Contact numbers for Dept of Labor Offices that maintain regional employment,
unemployment, wage information.
These pages and links can be of interest to anyone looking to learn more about
labor opportunities and marine employment aboard commercial vessels. Keep in
mind there are maritime jobs out there you won’t ever see posted on company
websites or job databases like or As in any industry,
many jobs in the marine industry are filled by word of mouth, by people moving up
the ladder, or reserved for in-house apprenticeship paths. Naturally, the more
contacts and larger a network you have, the better your chances of landing a good
job….which is kind of obvious.

But still…even if you don’t have an uncle who’s a dispatcher for a tugboat
company or a cousin who runs an excursion boat, there are many places to look
for maritime employment. There may be fewer deep water merchant marine jobs
than in the decades following World War II, but there are positions and jobs out
there…..on the offshore, inland, and river waterways of the United States,
including the Great Lakes. The cruise industry has grown immensely in the past
decade, with some cruise ships now operating under the U.S. flag.

Marine employers regularly solicit resumes for captains, mates, engineers, oilers,
able seamen, deckhands, QMED, cooks, stewards, fish processors and other
positions, but the availability of jobs changes with demand. Opportunities arise
aboard tugboats, towboats, research vessels, riverboats, ferries, water taxis,
yachts, excursion boats, casino boats, cruise ships, survey vessels and fishing
vessels, to name a few.
National Oceanic & Atmospheric
Jobs resources for work aboard NOAA Reseach Vessels
Marine Jobs
New York City
Dept of Environmental
Deck & Engine Positions
Wards Island
Staten Island Ferry Jobs
Resources for Jobs with New
York City Ferry Operations
Department of Transportation
Staten Island Ferry  This website posts
positions with the New York City Department of
Transportation for employment aboard the
Staten Island Ferry. Please be aware that this
link takes you to a third part government site
and that the resources you see are a page of
the website of the New York City Department of
Transportation that posts these jobs. It is not a
resource of this website nor is it affiliated with
this website.
These maritime jobs vary in licensing and experience requirements, ranging
from unlicensed positions to requirements for 100 ton, 200 ton, 1600 ton, and
unlimited tonnage or unlimited horsepower licenses for master, mate, and
engineer positions. Some employers seek Coast Guard mate’s licenses, or
mates of towing vessel licenses, 200 gross tons or greater, or Coast Guard
master’s licenses, or master of towing vessel licenses, 200 tons or greater. The
work schedules may vary, from full-time, part-time to seasonal marine
employment. Some employers may require a merchant mariner’s document, or
“Z” Card and STCW 95 endorsement, while others might not have requisites of
any kind.

Below and to the right is a small incomplete list of marine transportation
companies that post maritime jobs on their websites. Directly below are tugboat
and towboat positions sought by employers. They are positions the companies
may recruit for on a regular basis…or that may have been seen recently on the
sites of tug and barge companies. Some marine employers do not collect
unsolicited resumes…but rather, respond to candidates applying for a particular
position. I hope this information is helpful to mariners and others interested in
learning more about labor and employment on the water.
Marine Positions Aboard Sludgeboats This
website posts positions with the New York City
Department of Environmental Protection for
employment at the Ward's Island Wastewater
Facility and aboard sludgeboats. Please be
aware that this link takes you to a third part
government site and that the resources you see
are a page of the website of the New York City
Department of Environmental Protection that
posts these jobs. It is not a resource of this
website nor is it affiliated with this website.
Many towing, transportation and marine salvage
companies throughout the U.S. have human resources
offices or websites that post maritime employment
opportunities. The tour boat and sightseeing boat industry
also regularly solicits for deck and engine personnel, as
well as personnel for bartending, concession, hospitality
and ticket handling duties. Superyachts, megayachts, and
other yachts also post for crew positions for captains,
mates, engineers, deckhands, stewards, stewardesses.

Here are addresses for some marine transportation
companies that can be contacted to learn of maritime
employment opportunities:

Roehrig Maritime L.L.C.
Location: New York State - Long Island
One School Street - Suite 202
Glen Cove, New York 11542
Telephone: (516) 676-2900

K-Sea Transportation
Location: New York State - New York City
3245 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, New York 10303

Bouchard Transportation Company, Inc.
Location: New York State - Long Island
58 South Service Road
Melville, New York 11747
Tel: (631) 390-4900

Foss Maritime Company
Locations: West Coast - Pacific Northwest
Seattle, Washington
Portland, Oregon
Long Beach - Los Angeles, California
San Francisco - Richmond, California
Human Resources Department
660 W. Ewing Street
Seattle, WA 98119
Marine Positions Aboard
NOAA Research and
Utility Vessels This
website posts positions
with the National Oceanic
& Atmospheric
Administration for
employment on its
vessels. Please be aware
that this link takes you to a
third part government site
and that the resources you
see are a page of the
website of the National
Oceanic & Atmospheric
Administration that posts
these jobs. It is not a
resource of this website
nor is it affiliated with this
The following are crew
positions come up regularly
with towing and
transportation companies.
Sometimes different job
titles are used for the same
position. It sometimes
comes down to a company’
s preference for using a
given name for a particular
position. Some companies
identify a position as being
licensed…others leave off
the word “licensed”, but
from the job descriptions,
Coast Guard licensing
requirements become

▪ Tug Captain
▪ Master
▪ Tug Mate
▪ Mate
▪ Deckhand Trainee
▪ Deckhand
▪ Able Body Seaman
▪ Port Engineer
▪ Engineer
▪ Chief Engineer
▪ Assistant Engineer
▪ Certified Able
▪ Ordinary Seaman
▪ Barge Captains
▪ Barge Mates
▪ Deckhands (OS)
▪ Tankermen
and marine job resources. These
include information about marine jobs
the maritime industry. This includes
links to employment sites, fishing
industry sites,
yacht crew sites, and towing and
marine transportation companies.
These companies typically hire
captains, mates, chief engineers,
QMED, engineers, able seamen,
deckhands, tankermen, stewards,
cooks for employment offshore and on
the inland waters of the United States.
Some positions require Coast Guard
licenses while some entry level jobs
with training programs for working up
the ladder.
These are positions which have recently been
seen on the NYCDOT website:

▪ High Pressure Boiler Operator - Floating Equipment
▪ Boiler Maker
▪ Ship Carpenter
▪ Procurement Analyst
▪ Special Projects Manager for Safety & Security -
Staten Island Ferry
▪ High Pressure Plant Tender
▪ Marine Oiler - Ferry Operations
▪ Chief Marine Engineer - Staten Island Ferry
▪ Assistant Captains - Staten Island Ferry
▪ Construction Project Manager, Level II - Ferry
United States - Washington, D.C. - Nationwide
National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration

On its site, NOAA says it frequently recruits for these

Engineering Department
▪ Chief Marine Engineer, C/E
▪ 1st Assistant Engineer, 1st A/E
▪ 2nd Assistant Engineer, 2nd A/E
▪ 3rd Assistant Engineer, 3rd A/E
▪ Junior Engineer
▪ Engine Utilityman
▪ Oiler
▪ Wiper
▪ General Vessel Assistant

Deck Department
▪ Chief Boatswain
▪ Boatswain Group Leader
▪ Lead Fisherman
▪ Deck Utilityman
▪ Seaman Surveyor
▪ Skilled Fisherman
▪ Able Seaman
▪ Fisherman
▪ Ordinary Seaman
▪ Ordinary Fisherman
▪ General Vessel Assistant

▪ Chief Steward
▪ Chief Cook
▪ Second Cook
▪ General Vessel Assistant

▪ Chief Survey Technician
▪ Senior Survey Technician
▪ Survey Technician
▪ Assistant Survey Technician

The website says applicants must be U.S. citizens.
United States - New York State - New York City - Ward’s
Wastewater Treatment
City of New York Department of Environmental

These are positions which have recently
been seen on NYCDEP website:

▪ Second Mate
▪ Third Assistant Engineer (Diesel)
▪ Marine Oiler
▪ Captain (Sludgeboat)
▪ Mariner
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