Maritime litigation is not
about boating
accidents, jet ski accidents, or
r Jones Act injury cases.
Maritime attorneys deal with It
can involves other maritime
law matters such as vessel
arrest, liens, brokerage fee
arbitrations, or salvage claims.

An interesting salvage claim
stemming from a hurricane
was covered by Tim in a
recent issue of Long Island
Boating World...

A Legal Perspective - A
Hurricane and the Law of

"The law of maritime salvage
was applied in the aftermath
of a 22-foot boat being torn
from its berth when Hurricane
Matthew made landfall in the
Savannah, Georgia area
several years ago. The
hurricane destroyed the dock
and its boatlift, causing the
boat to be deposited four
houses away from its original
location on the Wilmington

The boat sat partially
grounded and surrounded by
hurricane debris.
Unfortunately, the owners had
been forced to evacuate their
homes earlier. A company
specializing in marine
construction, towing, and
salvage came to the area
afterward and found the boat.
Before continuing on with the
fate of the boat, it could be
worth pointing out that marine
salvage is something distinct
from marine towing. The
distinction is important
because if both sides are not
on the same page as to how
the job is treated, the
misunderstanding could result
in a dispute.

The article can be read in its
entirity at
Long Island Boating

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